"Creativity takes Courage."

~Henri Matisse


Supporting awareness and healing for Cystic Fybrosis

We hope to allow Lily and those battling the effects of CF to feel inspired and to know that dreams and aspirations can blossom and take flight.

Lilybart is a healing venue. It allows Lily to bring a work of art to fruition. Working with artists is incredibly uplifting. Lily works in many different art mediums.

Lily began working with artist/sculptor David Jungquist exploring proportion in sculpture and acrylic on plaster. Thus far, she has painted with Charles Andrade using the seasonal hues of acrylic paints. Their project is to paint the ‘Four Seasons’ which has been a lesson in intuition and feeling.

Lily is also learning the unique & fun technique of encaustic and pigment with Nicole Nagel-Gogolak, also with intent to produce a ‘Four Seasons’ series of encaustic on wood.

Currently, Lily is enjoying the vibrancy & feel of oil paints as she works alongside artist, Tori Campisi, bringing to life a whimsical and bold ‘Heart for all Seasons.’

It was our intent to find a creative process and an opportunity for Lily to engage in the healing powers of art and to share her story.