Magazine Cover Art

MOUNTAIN PARENT magazine is published in the Roaring Fork Valley, serving families from Aspen to Glenwood Springs. The seasonal, quarterly publication's motto is: "Here for the adventure of your life." It is a celebration of the active mountain lifestyle; the quirky, fun, eclectic character of the community; and the choice to raise children in this unique place.

Lilybart artwork embodies this spirit. Each cover begins as a story. The magazine's creative team reflects on what is happening seasonally, both in the Valley and in nature. Often, a Lilybart animal or local icon will emerge as a concept, which is then explored and interpreted by Elana and Lily Royer of Lilybart. If you look closely, you will see that many of Lilybart's images for MP actually begin as recycled pages from past editions of the magazine. Rather than simply providing an image to use, Lilybart supports our creative process from the long-view to the granular detail. It is a true collaboration."

Now, MOUNTAIN PARENT's whimsical, seasonal Lilybart covers are available for framing as 12" x 18" art prints.
Professionally printed on 12-point FSC coated card stock.
Customization is available.
Packaged in an eco-friendly, biodegradable protective sleeve Made in the USA

Magazine Editorial Series

“The illustrations in this recipe-style series are distinctly different from the artwork used for our MOUNTAIN PARENT Magazine covers, yet Lilybart's clean style and cheerful aesthetic provide a cohesive look, helping to further develop the magazine's brand.”

~ Kathryn Camp, Editor Mountain Parent Magazine

Brand Concepts

Mountain Freshies

“I have loved Lilybart design for years, so when we needed a logo for our business, I was inspired to reach out to Elana to see what might be possible. I had no idea if she’d be open to custom design, but she completely embraced our project and delivered the perfect elements. We are so grateful to have our vision brought to life, way beyond what we ever imagined! Our collaboration with Elana has truly been a gift!”

~ Nancy Scheinkman, Mountain Freshies

Aspen Real Life

“As an Aspen destination site that focuses on the locals, our Aspen Real Life bear logo personifies our character; quirky, playful, homegrown, and authentic. Designed in the livingroom of Lilybart's local mother/daughter team, with their children and multiple cats and dogs sprawled out amongst the artwork they create, this collaboration is indicative of our connection with our community, and we are proud that it also raises awareness for CF. Our bear is beloved by all who live and visit Aspen, and a known entity in our valley.

~ Jillian Livingston, founder



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