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“Chiropractic has a strong neurological and physiological effect with cystic fibrosis. Remember, that your brain and nervous system control the ability for systems such as the lungs and associated tissues. This control happens due to the spinal cord and the local nerve flow through the superior cervical sympathetic ganglion. The cardio pulmar nerves are certainly a big part of the proper stimulation to the thoracic region. This region when adjusted properly stimulates the proper growth of new lung tissue and proper communication with the brain and central nervous system. Chiropractic specific adjustments to the cervical and upper thoracic certainly open the patient to better growth, but also better nerve communication with the suppressed tissues. It is also suggested that the lower thoracic region should be stimulated to work with the lymphatic system within the lower intestines creating better digestion. This balancing of the spinal nerves and creating symbiosis within the nervous system greatly affect the lungs and lymphatic systems. Adjustments should be done at least a couple times in a month to keep proper gains within the entire system. Acupuncture and proper nutrition are also very complimentary to the resolution of the subluxations. Chiropractic has been long know to stimulate and facilitate proper function of not only the spine, but the overall well being of people across the globe. It is purely an enhancement one’s overall health both in nutrition, but proper nerve flow and communication throughout the entire body.” ~Dr. Dave Jensen For more information please check a few valuable resources:
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